Office of Environmental Planning & Protection

The Mechoopda Indian Tribe’s respect and knowledge for the land is rooted in our culture and traditional practices which require sustainable, equitable development and proper management of our natural and cultural resources.

The Tribe has been awarded funding under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - General Assistance Program (GAP) since 1996. In furtherance of its governance over the health, safety and welfare of the Tribe’s natural and cultural resources, the Tribe established the Office of Environmental Planning and Protection (OEPP). The OEPP is responsible for developing the Tribe’s environmental ordinances, including enforcement procedures.

The overarching environmental regulatory document created by the Tribe is the Tribal Environmental Policy Act (TEPA) which mirrors the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The Tribe has adopted ordinances in support of its TEPA to protect the limited and valuable natural and cultural resources of the Tribe.