After twenty-five years of exile, the Mechoopda became an officially federally-recognized tribe in 1992 as the result of a successful lawsuit filed against the United States in 1986 (along with three other tribes). In 1996 the tribe administered their first HUD program, purchasing 40 acres of almonds. A year later, the tribe began the task of re-establishing residency and addressing the housing needs of tribal members when it purchased 4 homes within the city of Chico. Two years later the tribe purchased an additional 26 homes.

Since 1998, the Mechoopda Tribe has made several steps towards greater economic self-sufficiency and independence, developing the Chico Rancheria Housing Corporation; purchased land and constructed a tribal office complex and community building; developed the Mechoopda Economic Development Corporation. In 2003 the tribe successfully acquired 650 acres of land south of Chico. Characterized as "restored lands," it represents another step in the political, economic, and social rebuilding and restoration of the original people of the region.